Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Little Habanero

One of the things I love about being back in Alabama is that people bring you produce from their gardens. It's a lovely gesture that I always appreciate. Hell, if I had dirt, I would likely be doing the same, as I love to garden. Can't help it, y'all, it's in my DNA!

So a co-worker in the office next door has brought some good produce lately and this week I'd racked up some cucumbers, tomatoes, and an assortment of peppers - including one little habanero.

Last night I decided to do spaghetti (whole wheat of course) with a fresh red sauce, and thought, "I'll do the sauce with peppers in it." I also had two banana peppers and one jalapeno. Sure, I'd been warned that the habanero was hotter than Hell but, really, it was so tiny. It was like an itsy-bitsy jack-o-lantern.

I spoke to it like I would any Jack Russell Terrier puppy. "You so little and smushy and cute and precious, how could you be anything other than perfect?"

So after doing all of my sous chef work and getting the sauce going, washing my hands, and moving onto another chore, I began to notice my lips feeling a bit like I'd had some Restalyne injected. And not that I've ever had that done, of course, but it's what I imagined it would feel like. This sensation grew until I realized that despite my best anti-bacterial washing efforts, my little habanero wasn't letting go of my fingertips.

Eventually this sensation passed and I realized I was going to have to eat my red sauce. I did, because I'm tough like that, and actually it was really good in a Dare To Eat You kind of way. I will say that the remnants of my summer sinus issue were sent packing as my head opened up like floodgates.

I guess the good news is that I won, I did not die or have to go to the emergency room, and I have leftovers for dinner tonight. A veritable win-win!


Jane said...

Last week my habaneros came in. I ended up roasting 5 of them with about 2lbs of tomatillas, some onion, and garlic, then blending it all together with cilantro, salt, and lime juice.

It was a challenging, but quite delicious salsa.

Robby Johnson said...

I must have some of this salsa. It sounds divine!