Friday, August 03, 2007

Isle Dauphine

I'm leaving this afternoon to drive down to "the water" (as my grandmother used to say). Growing up on the coast, that meant 40 minutes to Dauphin Island, or an hour to Gulf Shores. Now it means 4 hours for me but I'm not complaining ... it could be farther. Right now, it's just a sugar-free Red Bull, one biology break (in Thomasville, Gateway To The Black Belt), lots of kicky Sirius tunes, and occasional existential conversations with Maddie, who rides in her crate in the back seat.

My sister and her crew haul their big camping trailer to Dauphin Island the first weekend of August. Last year we went tubing in the Gulf, and my nieces and their cousins refused to get in the water because Shark Week had just ended so of course I, the world's biggest kid at 35, did all of the tubing while they looked at me like, "You crazy, Jack."

Not unlike this year, of course, and I have been watching bits and pieces throughout this week. I must admit I can get a bit wigged out when I'm being dragged along, feet dangling, and curious about what's lurking beneath. Thankfully we've been doing a lot of Locust Pose at yoga so at least I can keep my feet out of the water and, hey, maybe my glutes will get tighter!

Enjoy the weekend!


seth said...

Where are the yoga classes of choice in Ttown?

Robby Johnson said...

I go to the Phelps Center out by the lake (through PARA) at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday nights.