Monday, August 20, 2007

Dawning of a new era ...

Now that I have conquered whitewater rafting - and by conquered what I mean is survived because not everyone can swallow river water and live to tell about it ... fact of life and further evidence that I am not 100% mortal - I am moving on to new ambitions.

I have decided to for sure go through training this fall to be able to teach Pilates on the reformer machine. I have vacillated over it because, as per usual, I pretty much want to wait for the timing to be perfect before I invest and pursue. However, as part of the new Robby Johnson's Effort To Maximize His 30's (RJETMH3, going forward), I am not waiting for invitations and perfection. I'm just diving in and doing.

By the way, this is not me in the photograph. It is apparently Pete, who is an instructor with Stott Pilates up in Toronto. Pete is my new role model. Well, Pete and Batman. I still believe I can fly.


Monica Thatcher said...

Wow, Busy man... thats what I like to see... not ya namby pamby sit in doors and fester type... most excellent

Monica Thatcher said...

what happened there I meant,

Monica :)