Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cosmic Thing ...

Years ago, I guess it was 1998 or so, we went to see the Pretenders and the B-52's at an outside amphitheater in Little Rock. It was me, Ex, CAB and Sue-age.

I shall never forget how lovely that mid-May evening was. So lovely was it that CAB and I proceeded to get a little toasty. And if your definition of toasty includes jumping around dancing and then falling over simultaneously onto the lush green grass while you're getting your Love Shack on, then we're speaking the same language, and you know what I'm talking about!

(Note: I think maybe we were only drinking Festival beer, but there could've been pre-festival drinks elsewhere. Maybe CAB can fill in the blanks. The memory ... my short to mid term isn't so great, but I can tell you what I wore on the sixth day of the 4th grade.)

It's fun when a good memory jolts into your head.

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