Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Commuting and Air Quality

This story written by Forbes was featured on Yahoo! this morning. I am just off a 30-minute plateau session on my elliptical machine, all huffing and puffing because I've not been on it since Friday and I am not even kidding when I say I feel every bit of 171 pounds this morning ... stick a fork in him, his little pork loin is done! (Not to worry, I've reinvoked my inner-manorexic and am swearing off alcohol and food-cheating for the month of August.)

Now where was I? Oh, commuting. Right. So, here's the thing, Atlanta (pictured) ranked #2 as the worst polluted commute and can I just say I can see why? I have been to the ATL a couple of times in the past few months to hang with my supafly buddies who live there, and the last time I had the opportunity to go shopping with my friend who actually lives in Nashville. (Are y'all following, this is very Southern so you know I have to reference everyone by who they're kin to, etc.)

I could not help but marvel at how all of the big shopping establishments have huge underground parking decks built in. So, essentially, parking isn't an issue. And what does that encourage? More driving! OMG people, get it the Eff together. Turn the MARTA system into something actually useful and offer tax incentives for people buying hybrid/low-carbon output vehicles. This is a huge issue and it must be halted ASAP!

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Sczar said...

I agree - I hate my 2 days a month I spend in Atlanta because of the traffic. I usually end up driving up in th early monring and they returning home after my meetings.