Friday, August 10, 2007

Bright Lights Big City

An advertising sales representative from public television called on me a few weeks back at my office in Tuscaloosa. While her products isn't a fit for any of my businesses, we did strike up a great conversation, so she invited me to this event which I attended in Birmingham last night.

Most people who know me know that I have a flair for the big city, so it makes me laugh now when I go to a town like the Ham, certainly not Metropolis by any means, and feel like I'm in, well, Metropolis! I'm like Country Come To Town. "OMG, look at that Starbucks! OMG, it's Whole Foods! Are you kidding me? Urban Outfitters?! It's madness, I tell you, madness!"

In typical Alabama fashion, you may notice there are no street addresses on the invitation. It's the damndest thing - people here give directions that typically begin like, "You turn where the old Tastee Freez used to be." Thankfully a little Googling gave me a street address and in 53 quick minutes I'd gone from the amniotic sack of my sleepy little hometown to a big warehouse full of pretty people who were all pumped up over winning this old school Mercedes.

I didn't buy a car raffle ticket, even though I should've because why? Because Sue Ellen used to drive a Mercedes like this on "Dallas," and, really, how awesome would it be to have this car? I mean, who didn't identify with Sue Ellen? She wasn't a bad person. She was just misunderstood. JR's caged bird, she was. No wonder she ran off to Fort Worth with Dusty, abandoning little John Ross in the process ... viva la emancipacion!

The person who won wasn't even there, but the raffle did raise nearly $20K for Birmingham AIDS Outreach.

The statistics on HIV infection amongst the younger generation are pretty staggering. HIV/AIDS is not a thing of the past. It's still very much a reality and we must continue to fund research efforts with an aim of a.) developing a vaccine and b.) increasing treatment/finding a cure for those already infected.

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Cole ONeal said...

What an awesome event wish I could have tagged along.