Monday, July 16, 2007

Western Pleasure

As many of you know, I spent my last - and best - year in Arkansas (which is saying a lot since I lived there nearly 10 years) living the the apartment at the horse barn where my big horse Rhodes lived. It was the most awesome place to live; a perfect blend of aesthetics, good living, and amazing people.

My friend who owns the farm and I would drink red wine on the front porch every night, and just soak up the joy of living in such a fairy tale setting. Her daughter, Mattie, was very dear to me. She is as headstrong as a bull, brave as a lion, and precocious as the day is long. To say I love her is a significant understatement. She would say the most funny things and, let's face it, she made me sit in the rocking chair while she took the hairbrush to my follicly-challenged pate and pretended to "braid my hair," and you wouldn't believe how fun it can be to pretend to have hair two glasses into a bottle of Merlot ...

Apparently Mattie has taken up riding. And surprisingly, she's not interested in riding English like her mother and me, but is rocking her Western Pleasure/cowgirl thing. This is a picture of her from her first show. As a first grader, she's also learning to write. Her mother called me to tell me about this picture and that when Mattie got it back she insisted on sending it to me. She also wrote me a heartfelt note that I will cherish forever. I had to share it with the world.

Kids. They're just so, well, they just have a magic way of affecting you as an adult. It's difficult to describe but heart-warming at the same time.

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