Friday, July 20, 2007

Me and Aveda

Everyone should know by this point that Robby Johnson doesn't happen without Aveda. It's like the lifeblood that courses through these ridiculously shallow veins.

I have been an Aveda whore for probably 20 years - way before they sold to Estee Lauder and, can I just say, that's one of the few times you'll ever hear me boast about 20 years anything ... I am still mortified that I've been doing anything for 20 years - and over the weekend I visited their store in The Summit in nearby Birmingham.

My very new favorite thing ever is getting personalized fragrance. You get to select what you like from the essential oils and then they turn it into a spray scent for you. Not surprisingly my favorite oil is comprehensive and represents all four of the elements: fire, water, air, earth.

Also, you need Blue Oil. It's the Aveda version of Ben Gay. Fantastic for stress relief. Put some on your temples, light up a little, then enjoy that crisp, clean, focused feeling.

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