Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Bringing Pilates Back ...

Behold! It's me, on the downside of Teaser, on the Cadillac machine. Teaser is like, a way hard Pilates movement, and thank God I have Tammy to help me with it. I must say, however, that IT REALLY WORKS!!

Here's a story we got placed in today's Tuscaloosa News on Pilates. I must say after sitting through the interviews, I am glad to be this involved at my relatively young age of 36. Mesdames Bishop and Woodson, mentioned in the story, are so graceful and elegant now and they are both nearing 80 years old! If it can make a radical change to someone late in life, just imagine what it can do for you now.

I am hoping to go through training to teach Pilates on the Reformer machine (not pictured here but it's the foundation machine that has a sliding carriage - yesterday at Reformer class we did an exercise called "hydrant" that is essentially like lifting your leg to pee on a hydrant, except you have the rope and pulley over your foot and you're pulling your body weight as you lift your leg ... if you think my butt wasn't barking, you're wrong!) this autumn.

Maybe one day Roblates will be a reality! Enjoy the story. There's supposed to be video somewhere on the site too.

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