Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heart-Shaped Box

Besides being one of my very favorite songs by Nirvana, I am excited to've borrowed "Heart-Shaped Box" from the library last night, when I was tutoring my adult learner.

Does this mean I have finished "In The Company Of The Courtesan?" No, that is not what it means. I am enjoying the book but am really taking my time with it. Does it mean I also didn't borrow Greg Iles' "Pure Evil?" If you think I didn't, you're wrong!

Greg Iles writes page-turners, and as I will be taking Amtrak to New Orleans again for Labor Day weekend, I am going to hold out reading it until then. Iles lives in Natchez, Mississippi, so his books often incorporate local settings (my favorite book of his is called "Mortal Fear," and is based in New Orleans) which I really enjoy.

I am not a thriller purist by any means - I like a range and variety when it comes to my literature - but I do rather enjoy the genre. I guess it's that same element that prompts me to really enjoy gangster/mob movies too. I could watch The Godfather, Casino, or Goodfellas, on a continuous loop.

What's everyone else reading this summer?

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