Monday, July 09, 2007

And so it goes ...

This picture should be way bigger but it's not and the simple truth is that I'm OK with it. Because the picture doesn't matter as much as your ACTION matters, and if you think I'm talking about Pilates, you're right. Because I heart me some Pilates. Really, I do. Like, whoa.

And as part of my commitment to Pilates, I feel compelled to tell you that if someone at your gym teaches Pilates, they're probably not teaching you The Method. There are many things that go together. Right off the bat I think of chocolate and peanut butter. Vodka and tonic. Burger King and Pepsi. But Pilates and the gym? No. No, those are not a match.

If you are contemplating taking up Pilates, and I think you should - a universal sweeping general statement that I firmly support - you must visit the Pilates Method Alliance, which is a membership association for properly trained Pilates instructors. You can quickly identify a certified instructor in your area, and not worry that Tiffany from the gym who got certified during a wild and crazy weekend in Atlanta, is going to break your spine in half.

OK, enough about that. A quick update: I went water-skiing for the first time in 16 years this weekend and it was totally good times, despite my poor body feeling like it's been jumped in by a street gang. It's nothing 800 mg of Advil a day for 3-4 days won't cure. Ahhh, aging. It's good stuff.

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