Monday, June 11, 2007

Mung Beans

So on Saturday I went to Manna Grocery, our local healthfood store that has all sorts of flossy-flossy health food, including a little cafe in the back. I like to go buy red lentils in bulk because I'm pretty sure that I could live on them as a.) they're so easy to cook and b.) they're so good and c.) you can get like 3 pounds of them for less than $5.

As I am often prone to do, I get visually overstimulated by texture and color and though I've never had a mung bean and, come on, who wants to eat a bean that rhymes with rhinoceros poo?, I had to buy a bag of these too. I am very into food these days and, as it turns out, mung beans are used heavily in ayurvedic recipes. I think this is a sign from Brahma or Buddha that I need to be cleansing my system and getting my chakras in alignment.

Last night I had a dream. I was having lunch with a high school classmate who was getting verklempt over organizing our upcoming 10-year reunion. I kept saying, "We HAVE to have one, come on, I'll organize it, how hard can it be?, we just get on and then plan a party! We have to have one, I have been starving for nearly 2 years!" I woke up briefly and was somewhat mortified to determine that we have, in fact, had a 10-year reunion and that was, oh, 1999. I am a little bit wigged out over the fact I've been out of high-school for 18 years.

18 years, 18 years, and on the 18th year he found out ...

1.) Eat healthy.
2.) Get plenty of sleep.
3.) Exercise.
4.) Relax and give yourself time inside your own head.

I promise not to just blog about healthy food. I do actually have a life. It's just very hung-up on preparing myself for the next four years of my 30's. The looming "36" is really forcing some change in me. It's hard to describe, but I guess the best word I can think of is "humbling."

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