Tuesday, June 19, 2007

$36 Million

So, wow. That's about all I can say when I read a story like this. I mean, if you gotz the extra dollaz, then I guess more power to you. However, let me climb up on my liberal soap box here and say, well, I won't say it. I think we can fill in the blanks based on own beliefs and values.

I was a pretty serious art student when I was much younger. I love art, and particularly modern art. Heck, I even love some impressionist art. I understand why art is valued the way that it is but, damn, $36 million?
That's more than most lottery jackpots. It's also enough to feed about 36 million Africans for one day. Maybe even two days.

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Arkanzin said...

$36 million is a lot of ramen noodles.

At first when I saw that a work of art had sold for $36 million I immediately thought, "Hey, I know where this is going! Arkansas!" Then I saw it was JUST a Monet and knew where it WASN'T going.

Alice Walton, heiress to the Walton billions and daughter of the late Sam and Alice Walton, has broken ground for Crystal Bridges, an art museum to be located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Crystal Bridges will house significant American paintings (Remember the Wal Mart "Buy America" program?).

Ms. Walton has already ruffled the feathers of the art-world's hoity-toity by taking what they believe should be displayed only on the East Coast. Here's an article about how the art-world went ballistic when Ms. Walton dared to purchase a painting that was for sale. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19121629/site/newsweek/

Ms. Walton has been spending LOTS of moolah on American pieces of art.

Here's a website of some of the paintings she has reportedly purchased for Crystal Bridges.

To all those art snobs that think art can only be displayed in New York City or Philadelphia or Boston and should never be on display in a third-world place like...Arkansas(!?!), I'll stay classy.

Here's Crystal Bridges website: http://www.crystalbridges.org/