Tuesday, June 05, 2007

08 Presidential Elections: Volume 1, Part 1

So, I cannot vote for this guy for several reasons, the most of which is that he reminds me of a little beady-eyed Beetlejuice character and, I'm sorry, but we cannot have an ugly president. There, I said it. It's not an elephant in the room anymore.

Secondly, I love Hilary Rodham Clinton but if you think for one second I believe yesterday's puketastic "Faith got me through it ..." statement, you're wrong! I think it's such a transparent ploy to gain the faith-based voter's attention. And let me just clarify by saying that, sure, faith may've gotten her through it, but I don't think it was the "Dear God, please give me back my husband"faith in that most associate with passive women. If anything I would speculate it was more "Dear God, please don't let me filet him in his sleep, and please let this blow over so that I can one day be the president," faith. Sort of like, he's the cross she has to bear.

If that's the case, then I say "rock on" to Hil.

I still like Obama the best.


Arkanzin said...

UGLY people of the world, unite!

allie said...

HA! Watching her talk about her 'faith' I was screaming "LIAR! LIAR! WHY ARE YOU LYING! WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO HATE YOU? DONT SELL YOURSELF OUT!"

at least she's a bad liar, and she never used the word religion, jesus, or god (I think?)

John caught me ranting at the TV and was a bit concerned. I was more concerned that he wasnt concerned with her lying to get some votes. PUKE!