Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rolex Wrap-Up

So I'm back from Kentucky and all I can say is, "Damn."

I have never been so tired in all of my life. It obviously has something to do with the fact that despite getting up at 4:20 on Thursday morning to make my 7:40 flight out of Birmingham I still managed to get caught in 2 major wrecks on the interstate, thus rendering my 7:28 arrival at Bham moot, and requiring me to sit in the airport (binge eating of course) until noon. Yes, at that point, you just go through the motions.

The rest of the weekend was fantastic with lots of friends, great horses, great weather ... it was Rolex! This is me and my buddy Costello. I had to buy the houndstooth fedora from my awesome pal Lisa who I met in Dallas in January at the Safari Club International trade show and who was also exhibiting at Rolex.

Houndstooth fedoras are huge around here in Ttown, because Paul "Bear" Bryant always wore one when he was coaching University of Alabama football. The ones you can buy around here though are cheesy and usually have a big red "A" sewn onto them. And, true, while I probably have qualified to wear The Scarlet Letter a time or two in my life, that time is not now.

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