Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Identity Theft (Well, Really, Kinda Borrowed ...)

A little piece of advice for everyone reading ... when you run a bar tab with your debit card make sure you get your debit card back. And not just make sure a debit card is in your hands, you need to make sure it's yours.

Last Friday night after a fun time at a party at a local restaurant I apparently walked out with someone else's debit card. Their last name was Johnson and it never even occurred to me to match it up (damn those three martinis!) and I proceeded to go to another bar and spent more of this person's money.

I feel terribly about it because of course I did not do it on purpose. Fortunately I've made some inroads to get connected to the person as this is a small town, and of course I want to give her her money - but I've learned the hard way that my typical practice of only taking cash for my drinkin' dollaz is a good one.

No charges against my debit card (I canceled it as quickly as I realized what happened on Saturday) but must wait a week to get a new one in the mail. Can I just say that life without a debit card might as well be spent on a marooned island?

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