Friday, May 11, 2007

Education Is My Business ...

My company is very involved in our community on many levels. We make charitable contributions through a Donor Advised Fund and sponsor several scholarships. Working in our corporate communications department, I've witnessed the many letters of gratitude we receive from benefitting organizations.

And so I was happy last night to present three scholarships at the graduation for an adult education program at our local two-year college.

My coworker presented the scholarships last year, and had given me the background that this was a very meaningful experience, and I was thankful for it because, indeed, it was quite moving. I was most surprised at the number of graduates - at least 50 - and the span of their ages, gender, race, etc. Each face told me a unique story in the beginning, but by the time they walked across the stage they were singing the same tune: they'd reached for a goal, achieved it, and smiled brightly as they relished in their moment.

I was humbled.

This year we've also undertaken community service projects, as an organization, with each department choosing one or two agencies to assist. My group has already worked on a Habitat for Humanity build, and later this summer will assist in the construction of a playground for the United Cerebral Palsy foundation.

I love being here and being in a position where I can help and contribute. There are so many days in my life when I lament what I do not have, what I have not accomplished, etc., but really I have more than I need and I am learning that there is a great reward in sharing the excess.

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