Monday, May 21, 2007

Back In The Tack ...

OK, obviously this is not me. But look how sweet that horse's expression is. I heart him.

Aside from the trail ride I took in Mexico in November, would you believe I'd not sat on a horse since August 16, when I left The Precious with my coach and subsequently leased, then sold, him? I know! Robby Johnson out of the tack for 9 months? Blasphemy!

Yesterday I got to ride not one but two horses. One is a new project that a friend bought. A really neat Australian Thoroughbred that she found at the military base in southeast Alabama. His owner has been shipped to Qatar. There really is no background on how he got to the US, but he's a good boy and while I wasn't expecting to get to sit on him, I didn't turn down the chance when she offered it.

The other is a very nice Trakehner mare, 5 years old, that a woman in my Pilates class has asked me to do some dressage work with for 90 days. This person is a serious big-A hunter/jumper rider, so I was very flattered that offered me the ride. The mare was positively lovely to sit on, so I'm looking forward to riding her some more.

While I was out at the farm where my trailer lives (and where the Aussie horse is), I also stumbled upon the neatest project horse that has been offered to me to ride. His name is Ben and he's a Thoroughbred on steroids. A former foxhunter, his owner has sent him to be sold so he can buy his girlfriend something smaller and more appropriate. Ben is flash! He's a big bright chestnut with a white blaze and one white stocking leg behind. He's as wide as he is tall, and as fat as a tick! I am going back to ride him this afternoon to see what he's like and, if I think it's worth pursuing, I'm going to spend the summer working with him with the hopes of doing one or two competitions this autumn and getting him sold.

It's good to be back!


Lexy said...

Yay! You just made my day. Hope to meet up with you at some event this fall.

allie said...

WOOOOT for Robby on a pony. You must make plans to come up for a weekend of Trail Riding and Mojito's in North Cackalacky, and I will bring you a pony to ride :)