Thursday, May 17, 2007

American Idol

Though in this photograph she looks more like an angry victim testifying in court, I am still gobsmacked that Melinda Doolittle got eliminated on American Idol last night.

Sure sure sure, being #3 doesn't always suck. I mean, hello?, Kimberly Locke! Her career is white-hot, no? A record, Celebrity Fit Club. What's next? Infomercials? Stop it, stop it right now, it's making my head swirl with all of the possibilities.

My buddy Pfeff (that's his code name since, as loyal readers know I seldom call someone by their real name) opined weeks back that he would probably not be inclined to go to a Melinda Doolittle concert. It made me think, "would I?" Obviously if there were champagne involved, sure. You know me and the champers. I'd probably go to a NASCAR race if there were some sort of brunch involved. Where was I? Oh, Melinda.

I think she's amazing and I cannot wait to see what happens. Now that the best has been booted, I likely won't watch the finale. I don't like Beatbox Blake because I think he looks constipated when he sings, and while Jordin is OK, she doesn't make me tickle in my special place.

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Tim Rohm said...

I was so with you on this one... Melinda didn't have one bad week. Hell, she even kicked ass on country night! She was in a league all by herself. But, I don't think any of us have to worry her future... she will have a great life in music!