Monday, April 09, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama ...

Greene County Alabama

So I went to look at a really old historic home tonight, down in Greene County (one county west). It was a bit more than I could stomach as far as a restoration goes (gorgeous house built in 1850) but it would've cost serious money to get it restored, even as handy as I am.

I did, however, look at its next door neighbor, 36 acres, and was pretty gobsmacked. These pictures do the property no justice, but it's very quiet and peaceful, with a lovely pond and a stream that runs right through it. It contains a mix of mature hardwood trees, pines, and even a great array of cedars. Plenty of room for a neat little sustainable home, with a small barn, and lots of turnout space for the horses.

Plus, I could finally have a properly seeded/turfed gallop around the perimeter of my property.
Do I want to be 30 more minutes away from civilization? I must consult the oracle. Stay tuned!

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