Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ralph Hill

My friend Ralph Hill was seriously injured the last weekend of March when he fell from his Advanced horse, Reprint, at Poplar Place Farm near Columbus, Georgia.

I have known Ralph for ten years, and met him when he used to travel to Arkansas to teach riding clinics. We were all little beginner novice weenies, but Ralph made us feel like we could jump off the cliffs in Acapulco.

The initial reports on Ralph's injuries indicated severe broken bones, but apparently they have released new information that he has a severe head injury.

Having worked in specialized healthcare - brain injury to be specific - this news has hit me like a ton of bricks. You see, just an hour or so prior to Ralph's accident I had a lively conversation with him - one that was full of promise and hope. It had been a year or so since I'd seen him and we tried to catch up as much as you can when one is astride a big horse (read: 5 minutes maximum discourse time!). Just witnessing how quickly someone's life can change has left me feeling very small and, of course, very sad.

There are multiple fund raising efforts occuring right now, and I encourage anyone interested to visit and register to read "Ralph Hill." An official spokesperson is keeping the world apprised of his condition and progress, as well as things that can be done to help Ralph.

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