Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Cadillac (Got That Bass In The Back!)

I used this headline in an email to my homeys yesterday, but I still think it's funny because while I always thought that was a dumb song, I cannot help but get caught up on its hook. Perhaps I shall add it to my "Hokey Music I Love" playlist that may or may not contain selections from Kenny Rogers and Olivia Newton-John.

Yesterday at Pilates we did a session on the Cadillac, which is this machine you see here. It's very physical therapy-meets-S&M dungeon, and quite honestly while I was doing the session I felt a bit like the tied-up bitch in the relationship. I honestly think if the divine Miss T would've asked "Who's Your Daddy" I'd have shrieked "You Are!" Fortunately she did not, and so I was able to save some face.

Did it stop her from telling me, in a way that wasn't even offensive, "You're entirely too sleek and elegant to have this pooch, we're going to get rid of this?" No. No it did not. We have addressed the pooch. It's no longer the elephant in the room.

I am in love with Pilates and I need to start a fund for my Cadillac. It's not cheap, but damn it's worth it. Please feel free to email contributions. I will video blog my pooch if you do.

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