Monday, April 02, 2007

Late Night Hookup

So if the object of my affection is a great big strapping Thoroughbred, and I have the opportunity to go meet him at a gas station for 15 minutes of making out in the back of a horse trailer ... dude, I'm so there.

Such was the case last night when The Precious found himself temporarily in Tuscaloosa AFTER WINNING THE YOUNG RIDER PRELIMINARY DIVISION at Holly Hill in Shreveport, Louisiana.

His owner/rider, Ashlea, was returning home to Florence, Alabama, and had to stop for diesel. So I told her the best place to go, and met her at the station. It was fun to get to love on Rhodes. Even though I'd seen him last weekend in Georgia, I can never see him enough. I was Water Boy while Ashlea did fuel and "station duties." I was in heaven.

So Rhodes will do one more preliminary horse trial in two weeks, then will be upgraded to intermediate in May. (That is the plan.) I will be there for his OI debut, though I must admit I'll be requiring a handful of Xanax and at least one or two sips of a good Reposado tequila.

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