Tuesday, April 03, 2007

For Sirius ...

I'm not sure if I mentioned that last weekend was designated Shopfest 2007. I was in desperate need of professional wardrobe sprucing, and while I intended to go to Birmingham to get my shop on, I wound up staying in Ttown because, well, because there is a mall here and Parisian is Parisian, right?

Anyhoodle, if you think I didn't get me some Sirius Satellite Radio during a walk-by at Radio Shack (I know right, Radio Shack, they're still around!), you're wrong! And thusly I spent 3 hours Saturday afternoon at the local "car stereo shop" getting it installed in Bullet Banzai, the Black Fit. (I've changed it's name; Banzai fits so much better.) That was an experience in and of itself. Got ghetto? Don't even go there. Nothing says entertainment like watching "The Bodyguard" on TNT, followed by "Erin Brokavich" and getting the continuous "Should have you ready in about 5 minutes" while eavesdropping on a phone conversation about some "Nassy bitch with her chlamydia rotten self." Good times.

I went full-on and bought the accompanying Boom Box as well. I figure it will be really useful for poolside this summer. I can also listen online, so, yeah, I'm covered on music and talk radio.

What is irking me a little is the FM transmitter static. Must determine cause. Must avoid car stereo place at all costs. Do not need a tweeter or a Rockford Fosgate or whatever those components that hold such allure for thugs and tools are. I just want static-free listening. Is that too much to ask?


jnday said...

Welcome to the Satellite Nation! BTW, I haven't told you how happy I was to read about Ashlea's win. So fabulous!

allie said...

Ooooh! welcome to the Sirius Nation. I have not listened to the 'real' radio in nearly four years and I love it!