Monday, April 16, 2007

शांति अशंगी

ऎंड इत वास जुस्त लिके
अ ग्रेट दर्क विंग
विथिं थे विन्ग्स ऑफ़ अ स्तोर्म
ई थिंक ई हद मेट मय मैच
शे वास सिंगिंग ऎंड उन्डिंग थे लासस ...

So I am playing around with my little Hindi transliteration feature this morning. See if you can translate it!

If it works, there is probably a tattoo in my near future!

Went to Chattanooga this weekend for an overnight visit. A dear friend from Mobile, who I've not seen in over 10 years, celebrated her 50th birthday. She lives there now, and we got to stay on her boyfriend's really nice big boat, in the water but protected inside a boathouse. Good times!

My friend told me, "I'll never forget that time you went shopping with me for that Mardi Gras ballgown. I didn't want to buy it because it was slit up the side almost to my hip, and you said, 'That's why you should wear it.' And so I did."

I have no recollection of saying this, but I also don't remember ever telling my friend Christie that she should only wear brown mascara. Speaking of, Happy Birthday a day late, Miss Christie Ann!

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