Friday, April 20, 2007

Beer Night

Sometimes I forget to look on the door of my refrigerator.

Weeks ago I bought two big bottles of V8 and do you know they sat there for a really long time because a.) unless they're Bloody Mary's, I have a hard time taking that "first step" and drinking vegetable juice and b.) I never look in my refrigerator door? They did. True story.

I do love vegetable juice once I get going on it and, hey, these days I'm living life on the edge by drinking anything other than H2O so, score me!

What were also hiding on the bottom of my refrigerator door were 4 Corona Lights that I've had there since a horse show in October. I know you're all thinking, "OMG, beer can go bad," but c'mon, it's Corona Light, how bad can it get? At 150 calories, it's the most I can afford to consume. And that's the beauty of Corona Light. Tastes like piss but you can't really tell!

Still, I was mega-productive at work yesterday. It was a positively gorgeous April afternoon and when I pulled into my apartment a few minutes after 6 I thought as I drove in, "I'm going to drink a beer and take Maddie down to play by the river." It was so much fun that I came back and drank two more.

And then I ate a steamed sweet potato and some split green peas, and slept the sleep of lambs.

Have a great weekend!

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