Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Banana Republic

So Evangeline's is this really great restaurant here in Ttown. And when they sent me a request to be their friend on Myspace I was like, "Heck yeah I'll be your friend!"

Then they messaged all of their friends and asked for a fav martini recipe. Years ago I really got into martinis. This was when I also weighed 150 pounds and chain smoked cigarettes. At 26. I'm not sure I had gotten all the way there, but I was definitely on the Autobahn to "hot mess." Anyhoo, I pretty much like a straight-up vodka martini - dry to the point that it's really just plain vodka - with a few olives.

I did, however, invent this recipe and, lo and behold, I won their competition! If anyone says, "It's because you're the only douche bag who submitted an entry" I'm sure you'd be right but it would really hurt my feelings because in my world of Me, there were 5,000 entrants and I won. You see there? Me! The winner!

Anyway, I get a little bucket of prizes for being The Winna! and am going to Evangeline's tomorrow night.

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