Wednesday, March 21, 2007

World, Meet My Car That Looks Like A Roller Skate!

Honda Fit

Hello World! This here be my new whip, a 2007 Honda Fit Sport. I haven't named it yet, because it is not the Storm Silver Metallic color that I so desperately coveted, and which I intended to name Sliver the Silver Fit. Finding an available silver Fit was sort of a chore, and particularly a challenge when you have no vehicle to drive and are in a rental car. You reach a point where you're like, "Is silver really worth $29 a day?" This one is black, which is a horrid color right now with it being pollen season. But the good news is that it's so tiny I can seriously wash it in like, 2 minutes.

This is the first brand new car I have ever purchased. It's not much but it's very me. I love it.

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