Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pilates Prince

I am an old school Pilates Prince.

Well, if you consider 2001 "old school," then I so am.

I have only ever done mat classes, but am very excited about my newly-discovered Pilates studio right here in Ttown. I have signed up for a twice weekly class on the Reformer, which is the machine you see right here.

While I was supposed to have a private session with the instructor next week, a last minute cancellation (it's Spring Break here) afforded me the opportunity to do the session last night.

The Reformer is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the regular mat class. I'd done a regular dumbell workout for my chest on Monday morning - the first time in a few weeks - so was a little sore yesterday, but I kept mum with the instructor because in Pilates, you do an entire body workout each time you do a session. Interestingly, my chest is sore in different places today, so prepare yourself for me to unleash the beasts this summer.

And when I say beasts, what I mean is Pilates Beasts, which are probably not nearly as impressive as your hardcore "Pump You Up" beasts, but, hey, you don't get to hang out in a cool Pilates studio with wood floors and reed diffusers WITH AN EN-SUITE BOTOX OPTION now do you?

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