Friday, March 16, 2007

Peanut In The Sky With Diamonds ...

You know it's a good thing when you get a one-way refundable anytime planet ticket for $140.

Crisis solved ... Southwest Airlines is how I'm returning to Birmingham, but the only catch is I have to fly back Monday morning. Still, not that big of a deal. I'll pick up a rental car which I'll have a few days until my new car comes in.

Hopefully. I've not even ordered the car so I have no idea when it will get here, though they told me last week when I went shopping that it would only be a few days. And if by a few days they mean weeks, I might be sending out a May-Day to the coast for somebody to bring me a loaner whip. Although the weather has been so nice here, and my general proximity to my office is less than 3 miles, I suppose I could buy a bicycle for $75 and ride it until my car comes in. That would be restitution for flying, since airplanes are likely a major contributor to our global warming crisis.

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Arkanzin said...

Where is your scooter? It's perfect weather for the scooter!