Thursday, March 22, 2007

Moving Right Along

So, new car? Check.

What to tell apartment complex by April 19 - staying or leaving June 19? Uhm. Can I reserve the right to hem-haw?

I am now starting the rather ridiculous process of looking for something to buy. And if you think I don't need my bff Teresa - Real Estate Mogulesse Supreme - here to hold my hand, you're wrong!

I have several options and am now beginning to weigh them hard.

Option 1: Buy something in Tuscaloosa.

Pros: This is where I live. It's convenient. My Pilates studio is here. If I couldn't do my Pilates, I would die. I'm addicted.
Cons: Housing market here is spendy, particularly for a city where you cannot buy alcohol on Sunday. The resale market is good, though, so that might cancel out the con. Other con - if for whatever reason I was chased out of my job by an angry mob of co-workers shouting "Kill him! Kill him!" - I'm not sure I could find gainful employment in Ttown. Can I just say, too, that I would be really bummed if that happened? Because I do rather love my job. It's like my best friend these days.

Option 2: Buy something in Birmingham.

Pros: Bham is more my speed, particularly from 5 p.m. Friday until 8 a.m. Monday. It's a bigger city with more options, and it's the airport I use when I travel. Job market is more stable as it's the largest city in the state.
Cons: Depending on where I buy, I could be looking at an up to one hour commute each day. I would prefer looking in an area that would equate to a 30-35 minute freeway commute, so that I'm not all ball-and-chained. Is it worth permanent residency there when I can/could/do scoot over for shopping, etc., as needed already?

Thusly I ponder. Stay tuned for details. And when it comes time to move, be prepared to come help me. Moving brings out an ADD in me that is the stuff of legend.

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jnday said...

Rent. But that's just my fear of losing everything talking.