Thursday, March 29, 2007

It blooms ... again!

I am not really planty. I have tried, but really, plants are like children to me ... lovethemmeanit but plenty of other folks are having them and there is no risk of the world running out of indoor plants so, really, rock on with your green thumb because I feel zero guilt for not contributing to the proliferation.

I do, however, love my amaryllis bulbs. I blogged about them last year, when I first began my blog, so many of you know the story. (Summation: they're descendants of the bulb my grandmother grew inside during the latter years of her life.)

I have dug these bulbs up, they've bloomed in Arkansas in my yard, in a pot, some years they've not bloomed at all, and this year they've lived outside all winter and still are blooming magnificently. I love them. They're like a friend who visits once a year, and we have a great time, and then it's time to move on.

This year I swear I'm going to properly winter them, and repot them into individual pots. There are at least four bulbs now. They bring me great joy and that is something I must share.

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