Thursday, March 15, 2007

In the Pines, In the Pines, Where The Sun Never Shines ...

Call me crazy, but this weekend I'm taking yet another road trip. This will be road trip number 602 in the past month, but it's all good ... I live for exhaustion and the brink.

I'm going to Southern Pines, NC, a 9-hour drive, very early on Saturday morning as I've sold my beloved Cracker to my friend Jeanette who lives in NC. I'm delivering him to her so that I can also, finally, see young Tiamo compete!

I have no idea how I'm returning on Sunday. Likely via a rental car but possibly in Jeanette's truck, Big Black.

The point is ... I am calling to order my CTTLRS today! And I should have it next week. So excited!


jnday said...

And we shall sing In the Pines when you arrive. Be ready to get your twang on.

allie said...

I cannot wait to get my Robby On.

Arkanzin said...

So are you having a FIT? Oops, that should have been are you GETTING a FIT?

What color?

I can't wait to see you roll up in the Pensacola with your bad self in a FIT!

Details! We need details!