Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bones

Prior to his cross-country outing, Tiamo was __________.

So I'm back from the Cackalacky (Carolina) and while it was a rather short weekend, it was great fun and I got much accomplished. The drive to Southern Pines from Tuscaloosa? Eh, not so bad. I did leave at the ass-crack of dawn, so made it through Atlanta around 9:30 before the brunch crowd was up and making their way to IKEA.

But the rest of the I-20 drive through Georgia and South Carolina was rather mind-numbing. I could only take 6 cd's with me as I was selling my truck upon arrival, so I chose well and had a few rockin' singalongs. Plus, I tore it up on the Treo, rolling calls like I was important!

Let's talk about South Carolina. Darlington, specifically. That was where I exited I-2o. Can I just say that if you live in a bubble where you think there are vast expanses of property that is gorgeous, and your neighbors all drive Range Rovers and sip Chardonnay in the afternoon, and everybody is happy and fulfilled, well, you're wrong. It's not just children who've been left behind, it's entire freaking generations.

Quit aspiring to run off to the big city where you'll be surrounded by like-minded people. That's the easy way out, in my book. Act up and make a difference in your own community. That's seriously what it will take if we ever intend to improve the quality of education, culture, and sustainability in our country.

Social rant over. Now onto the good stuff! Tiamo is the little baby I bred whose precious mother colicked and had to be euthanized 5 days after he was born. At the time, they lived in Canada, so he was my little Canuck for the first 18 months of his life. He came to Arkansas in 2004 and spent a year with me, then I sold him to his new owner in February, 2005, and he moved to Virginia.

He did his second Training level event this weekend and was a superstar. It was so strange to see him now as a great big riding horse. His jockey, Allison Springer, does a fantastic job riding him, and he has an owner who takes great care of him.

I met up with my crew of awesome friends and we crashed at one of their homes - a quaint farm - down in Aberdeen. If you think we didn't have drinks and watch "The Shining," you're wrong. There is seriously nothing like quality friends and quality times. And do you know who else was there? Foy Freaking Barksdale, that's who! Foy is a rockstarlet who gets her shake on in Cary, NC. She gives a ton of her time and energy to US Eventing and brings a lot of light into the lives of many.

Not having my big truck is a little sad, but it's all part of my plan to get everything in order so that, in 4 years when I hit the big Four Oh, I'll be aligned and ready to conquer.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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