Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looking Over A Hilltop ...

Not much to say this morning other than, ugh, me no feel good.

Dry and scratchy and have millions of things to do.

I do like this photograph of the sunrise last Saturday morning in Montana. It was really magnificent and I cannot decide if it inspires me to sing "Tomorrow" from "Annie," or "Promise Of A New Day" by Paula Abdul.

I should take myself outside for an ass-whoopin' just for thinking those things out loud. Oh God, what if I sing Paula Abdul all day? I need an intervention. Someone please throw out a better inspirational song!

1 comment:

Arkanzin said...

I'm SO glad that I didn't read this before I left for work! I can't imagine singing "Promise of a New Day" all day at work.


I'll probably wake up with nightmares dealing with Paula Abdul's screechings! Ugh!