Wednesday, February 07, 2007


When I go to a sporting event and it opens with pyrotechnics, you can bet your ass I'm gonna be down with it. I love staging and drama. Even if you suck, I will still like you if you're choreographed and well-produced.

Such was the case last Friday night when my very awesome friend Jane invited me to go to women's gymnastics at The University of Alabama with her husband and her super awesome sister Ann. Not to go overboard, but Jane and Ann are like really awesome and embody a sense of humor I wasn't sure existed in Ttown. Is it wrong to make fun of people in the crowd? Not when you're with Jane and Ann!

Pictured is Terrin Hardy (I think that's her name). She is a UA team member, but was also a silver medallist in Athens. She has a huge fan club, and watching her was a real treat. In fact, the gymnastics program is REALLY well supported by the community. I'm not sure what the attendance was, but Coleman Coliseum was packed.

This is one of the fun things about living in a college town, particularly one with such a developed athletic program and a customer-base of sports enthusiasts. I'm also keen to go watch the platform diving at the Aquatic Center, though I have no idea when that begins. I need to renew my membership so I can, at 35, begin training for the Olympics try to get a swimmer's build.

I'd never been to a gymnastics meet, and it was really fun. I hope I'll get to go again.

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