Friday, February 09, 2007

Carribbean Dreams ...

Wow. So, like, my little dream hamsters were spinning the wheel like mad last night.

I had the most bizarre dreams of being in the Carribbean, on a private yacht with my mother and father and nephew, but instead of it really being the Carribbean it was actually Elba, the island where, of course, Napoleon Bonaparte, was banished.

And all I could think about in my dream was, "God, I cannot believe I'm going to have to wear this bathing suit AGAIN today."

Last night I went to the Addy's. Our agency won a Special Judge's Award for some work they did for us, and I always like an opportunity to hang out with creative sorts. My agency contact won the Best In Show award for another project, and that organization is apparently based in a town called Elba, Alabama.

Combine that with the fact that I'm going home this weekend and, voila, you've got your dream analysis in, oh, 3 seconds or less.

Still, there were some odd elements to my dream. Like the concurrent documentary on the guy who'd hung ziplines across the sea, and they were like 2000 feet above the water, and he said, "One slip and you're a goner!" And I also thought it was weird that my brother had this mega-expensive remote-controlled model airplane that my mother had purchased him causing me to have a total middle child Jan Brady fit in my dream.

Foreshadowing? Stay tuned!

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Arkanzin said...

Well here I am in the next best place to Paradise (Mexico) and so what do I have to do? Well, go shopping!

So, off to the swimsuit store. I buy EXCLUSIVELY from Ball Swimwear in Fort Lauderdale. It's ridiculous I know but I have bought one new swimsuit every year from them for the last four years now. If I'm not in Fort Lauderdale, I call them up and ask, "What's new, what's available in medium....okay, send that one!"

Being in Fort Lauderdale for business....okay, so I extended it a few days for relaxation! Anyway, to shorten the story, I bought a new swimsuit today. Gotta be ready for Pensacola!

Oh, and the store next door had some CUTE slide shoes for $28, you know I couldn't pass that up!

Oh, and tomorrow I'm off to Sawgrass Mills!

I hope I can shove all this into my suitcase tomorrow!