Monday, February 12, 2007

Annual Ski Trip ...

I love traditions, and I love making new traditions. Such is the case of our annual ski trip. I learned to downhill ski in 2005, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My friends Schywn learned at the same time, and we were immediately hooked.

Last year we went to Park City to ski, and this Wednesday we leave for Whitefish, Montana, to ski for the weekend. And we're already planning to go to Telluride, Colorado, next year.

This year my friend Brian is going with us, and I'm REALLY geeked about it. Sure, come Thursday morning I will begin my sixth day on a ski slope ever, but I am committed to skiing a blue run by Friday.

The weather forecast is cold and snowing right now, but by Friday the high in Whitefish is 47! I hope it will be colder on the mountain. Because where I come from, snow melts at 47. And skiing wet slush is no fun. Ask me how I know? Well, I really don't know because I've only been on ski slopes 5 days in my life, but I've had powder ... I know slush is the suck.

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