Monday, January 29, 2007

Yo no sueno en la clase de Espanol ...

I used to sleep in Spanish II class when I was a senior in high school. Not all of the time, of course, but enough that one day my teacher made me write sentences en Espanol. I am sure this is a butchered translation but it's what I remember having to write. I still made a good grade and my Spanish actually isn't so bad. Go figure!

I have been really getting my sleep on the past week or so. Sometimes this concerns me. I could not get out of bed until 6:30 this morning so I've totally missed elliptical hour. And I fell asleep at 10 so what is that, 8.5 hours of sleep?

I did have a nightmare, as I am sometimes prone to do. It involved embalming, and a family from our community, and the scene was very realistic, but like a fast-frame compilation of video from a Guy Ritchie movie.

This is not "Postcards From The Edge." Trust me, I will trumpet a warning if it gets to that point.

I did have a really interesting vision for a home last night. I have a new life goal - to buy property and build some sort of residence and small barn this year. I have to make room for bebe, and God knows I love to "nest."

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