Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Planes, Trains, Automobiles ...

When I say I hate ice storms, what I mean is I hate ice storms. Quite frankly, I am pretty sure their worth as weather extremes is about the same as the calories found in a Snicker's bar.

Sure, there ARE peanuts in a Snicker's bar, so they have some organic composure, but that is lost entirely when wrapped in layers of sugar and trans fatty acids.

And does anyone really benefit? No! No one benefits from those calories. Does the Earth really benefit from that ice? Not really! Sure, a crocus or two might be a wee bit brighter as a result of the temporary freeze, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't bloom anyway and, besides, those bulbs aren't really intended to flourish here in the sunny South, just like peanuts aren't really supposed to be in a candy bar.

And so it was this weekend when, at 7:30 Saturday morning I thought I was getting onto my 9:20 flight to Birmingham, only to find that the flight was canceled and I was re-scheduled for a 7:40 p.m. flight. 12 hours in DFW? No way. I called up a friend who shuffled his schedule to rescue me, then went to breakfast, a movie ("A Painted Veil," I highly recommend), then to tapas at Cafe Madrid.

Which is when things started to get sketchy. We had a fantastic time, wound up drinking a bottle of Freixenet then two glasses of port, then stopped by JR's for "one drink" prior to me going back to DFW. And when I say one drink, what I mean is more than one drink. What I mean is a few drinks. I found clarity, thankfully, and determined that getting on an airplane in that questionable condition wasn't a good idea and so I got a Sunday afternoon flight and bunked-in for the night.

I finally got home at 11:30 p.m. Sunday night, and am still trying to sleep recover. It's tough.

Dallas was fun. I got introduced to a few new places, got to see my friend Brian from Little Rock who was down there working, and mostly I got exposed to a really neat world of enthusiasts by attending the trade show at Market Hall.

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