Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Human Nature

It is human nature to be curious.

It is human nature to be jealous.

It is human nature to feel threatened.

But I don't think it's human nature to vindicate.

I think vindication comes from a fundamental flaw in human development. Perhaps it's the misinterpretation of religious doctrine. Maybe it's the result of a difficult upbringing. Or maybe it's just the result of small minds and small thinking - a lack of exposure to other cultures, ideals, or ways of thinking.

I have never really been one to harbor a grudge or to have high expectations of others. As a general rule, people disappoint. But when I began thinking of it differently - "Why do people disappoint you? No one owes you anything" - I was able to start seeing the inherent good in people.

We all have it, of course. This inherent good manifests in many ways, but it is harder to recognize if it gets caught in a filter of social conformity. But it is there, nonetheless, a back-row choir member, doing it's best to follow along to the melody. Maybe it's the composition that prevents the good from recognizing its full potential? Not everyone can sing soprano or is best utilized in a hymn!

But I think it's really important to find a medium that allows you to speak with your true voice and share your true feelings. When we shed the shackles of socially-imposed discomfort and exist in our true organic form, we make the world a better place.

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Katiebod said...

Wow. well said.