Friday, January 19, 2007


There comes a time when the mounting pressure and anxiety we accommodate in our daily lives must culminate, and we reach a point where we understand our perceptions of negative consequence are, indeed, perceptions. Some people call this delirium. Some call it general apathy. I call it Happy.

I like to make people Happy. I don't know why. Most people describe me as high-maintenance and self-absorbed, and would never believe that I take great pleasure in seeing people smile, hearing people laugh, or watching people glow.

Not in a "Give a unexpected gift" sort of way because I'm not so good at acting on a good intention, but I always try to find some honest, uplifting words to share.

There is a warmth that resonates inside me when I feel Happy. I can feel my Happy cells replicating and, as such, I feel infectious and hope it will spread.

Come on, get Happy!

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