Monday, January 08, 2007

Future Bright ...

At the beginning of my weekend, I was overwhelmed by all of the things I needed to accomplish. You see, I still had not detailed my 2007 budget, written down any of my goals, figured out how to define the metrics for measuring my goals (OK, that was a very special guest appearance by my inner-marketing geek), nor completed a significant portion of hands-on project management.

I made a list, ticked it off, and today I feel awesome for making things happen.

Slow and steady does indeed win the race.

I'm also about to unveil something really signficant. I have broken up with coffee. And with peanut butter. And I am feeling better. I am wondering if coffee/caffeine has a direct relationship with my self-diagnosed adult onset ADD? I mean, I am still totally doing coffee's very distant cousin, green tea, so I am not entirely removed from the toxin, but otherwise I am feeling great.

Peanut butter? I miss good old PB. But you know what PB causes, ironically, don't you? PermaBelly v2.0, that's what. They thought they were so clever with their little matching initials masquerading right before my eyes. But I have had it with the PB's. They're dead to me.

Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat To Live" is already mad radical on what we should be eating to maintain optimal health. It's very interesting, to say the least. If I were Nicole Richie's publicist, I would just instruct her to say she's on the "Eat To Live" diet, and be done with it. Because after six months of eating pretty much fruit and vegetables and some limited whole grains, I think everyone would be looking a lot leaner.

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