Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fade Away and Radiate ...

I am so officially old.

I have been madly in love with Blondie since I was a wee one. And when I say wee, what I mean is 9 years old. I was entirely too obsessed with "Call Me" from the "American Gigolo" soundtrack and my mother wouldn't let me watch the movie, so it made it even that more alluring to me.

I listened to this CD on my recent trip to the coast and was reminded of how awesome Blondie is/was. (I love some of their newer stuff too.)

In 1995 an album called "Blondie: Remade, Remixed, Remodeled" was released and it, too, is hott. But nothing beats the original, you know?

And so I wish everyone an Atomic day! I hope everyone can Eat To The Beat! Don't find yourself Hanging On The Telephone! But, if you do, make sure you Call Me!

Damn, I just sent the Awesome Meter off the chart!

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