Friday, January 05, 2007

Eating Healthy Costs A Lot ...

One of the things I've become aware of over the past year, is how I think I spend more money on groceries than the average person, and how little it appears I get when I go grocery shopping.

I have done some casual, informal research - mainly asking my friends, family, etc. - and had an employee at Winn Dixie who happened to be behind me in line a few months ago comment, when my total rang up, "It's expensive to eat healthy isn't it?"

Why yes, yes it is. And here's a neat little article confirming my suspicions.

On average, I spend about $80 a week on groceries. I have put myself on a budget for 2007 and have budgeted $75 per week, as I think it's ridiculous to spend more than that - $300 per month - on food. Last night I got out of there at $65, but suspect I'll be scratching the cupboards by Tuesday.

I am reading yet another diet book, "Eat To Live," by Dr. Fuhrman (, in hopes I will eventually shed PermaBelly v2.0 without medical assistance, and as it appears to be an eating program comprised of mostly fruit and veggies, it looks like I'll be spending more time on the coast this summer helping with the harvest, to offset some food costs. (My family does a pretty good job with gardening and, hey, I will work for fresh food, especially blueberries.)

The flip side, of course, is that $300 a month to prolong your health is pretty cheap when you consider the downside of poor food choices. At this point in my life it's sink or swim where weight control and personal fitness is concerned. Gone are the days of showing up at the gym just to look cute and get attention.

Behold! A new day has dawned! Borne of necessity, it is a day of radical fitness overhaul!

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