Monday, January 22, 2007

Creating A Life ...

World, meet Ouisie.

I met her when she was about 4 days old, in 1997. She was a tiny little liver chestnut filly running alongside an exquisite near-black Thoroughbred mare.

"That is the most beautiful mare I have ever seen," I said to my friend who had taken me to see her.

And the rest, well, is history. The mare would become my own - Willow Bay - six months later, and together we would set about a competitive career in lower level eventing. Sure, our dressage sucked it, but I could pretty much phone in the double-clear jumping trips, and always moved up 4-5 places to get a good ribbon.

I sent Willow to Canada in 2001 to breed her, with the idea being that she would live there for a year, have a foal, be rebred and then sent back to me in Arkansas. Unfortunately we lost Willow five days after she foaled Ti Amo, but she left behind a legacy in two really nice offspring.

Ouisie has lived with her breeder her entire life. This year I have the opportunity to breed her and I am VERY excited about it. I will have a foal that is still 25% Willow but, more important, the chance to breed something really nice. I am "stallion shopping" right now, and have two top candidates - both very different, but both capable of producing a really nice foal either way.

We are planning to start breeding her in April. She will live in Arkansas and the foal will stay there until it is weaned. The plan will then be for me to bring it to Alabama and by the time I'm 40 (eek! a little over four years away!) I will have a youngster to start and get back to the competition ring.

It is very strange for me to look at my life without factoring in horses, and the horse world, and all of the truly amazing people I have met as a result of this passion. I sent an email on Saturday to an internet friend asking about a stallion, and got her return Blackberry message from the ski slopes out West. Horse people are crazy, but by God, we're there for each other!

I cannot wait to share this journey with breeding Ouisie with the rest of the world. It gives me some time to pursue other life interests, but also keeps me plugged in to the fabulous world of horses.

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Lexy said...

Ouisie is lovely. I think either stallion you're thinking of would be an excellent match. My Mac filly has an outrageously gorgeous neck and a topline that makes my knees a little weak! I turned the dreaded 40 a few months ago and can completely recommend the track you're on.

P.S. skiing and Sundance rocked!