Thursday, December 14, 2006

Never Eat Alone

Keith Ferrazzi published this book about networking, "Never Eat Alone," in 2005. A friend and colleague in Atlanta did some regional publicity work for the book. He'd met Keith at the same International PRSA conference where we met, in New Orleans, in 2003.

Earlier this fall at a meeting with my boss and her direct reports, she charged us with a 2007 initiative to improve our networking skills. Now, I will put my neck out there and say I am ahead of the curve where those skills are concerned, but once the charge had been made, there was some difficulty defining the "next step" to get there.

I popped up with Keith's book and originally we thought we might get him to come speak/workshop. He was cost prohibitive so the corporate trainer and my boss worked out a practical solution and bought everyone a copy of the book and today we're doing a big training session based on it. Sort of a "book club" for the work environment.

I will say that I have really enjoyed reading the book. Many of Keith's tips are practices I've used without being coached, and as best as I can ascertain, networking isn't the thing - honest, pure communication and a genuine interest in helping others is. If you approach it from this angle, your network grows exponentially.

This book reads very well, not like icky business text, and I highly recommend it!

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