Sunday, December 03, 2006

Love What You Do; Do What You Love

When I say I like snakes, what I mean is they're tolerable and OK. And I only like them if they're non-poisonous and not really into constricting me into a mass of broken bones so that I slide down their hatch with relative ease. "Mmmmmm, tasty!"

However, I read this story and was really wigged out. It's hard for me to recognize the tragedy, though, since I feel like everyone involved was aware of the risks. It's sort of like the death of Steve Irwin, or many of the upper-level three-day event riders who have been killed while competing.

Every time I leave the start box on the cross-country phase at a horse trial I say a little prayer that both myself and my horse will come home safely. Of course I want to jump around clean, as I am very competitive with myself. (Not a surprise to most who know me.)

But the respect for that danger zone, I think, is what heightens my senses and gives me an edge to make good decisions that correctly answer the cross-country jumping questions in a safe and efficient manner. I have a healthy respect for the risk, and I have a confidence that my skills are proficient enough to eclipse it.

We all know there is inherent risk in anything done to an extreme. I suspect this man, through his work, has done much to contribute to the understanding of the cobra, which is common in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As Tim McGraw sang, he "lived like he was dying," and that is a great way to thrive.

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