Monday, December 04, 2006

Keep The Muscle, Lose The Fat

"Avalanche is sullen and too thin
She starves herself to rid herself of sin
And the kick is so divine when she sees bones beneath her skin
And she says, 'Hey baby can you bleed like me? Come on baby can you bleed like me?'"

- Garbage, "Bleed Like Me"

I have a little tendency to want to starve to lose fat when the truth is, building muscle burns fat. And to build muscle we must eat, and we must eat the right things.

For most of 2006 I have been righteous on eating right. This means I've nearly eliminated sugar and refined flour products from my diet and eat a lot of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables and fruit.

And still, still this PermaBelly v.2.0. However, since my Energy found me again and I have been back on a workout bender, I have 100% confidence that I will emerge the victor and at least succeed in camouflaging PB20 by rebuilding my chest and shoulders and arms. I did atrophy a little during the past few months and that was never the goal. The goal was to redistribute.

I read recently that the best thing you can do for your workout is to pay specific attention to your legs/quadriceps, as they're they largest muscle group on your body. The more you exert them, the more fat your body will burn to rebuild them. And it's this exercise, really, that diminishes your PB20 and not so much the abs/crunches, though they're certainly useful for building core strength and defining the rectus/transversus abdominus.

And with that, I'm off to my back/biceps day. I know I've been talking alot about fitness lately, but I cannot communicate how great it is to actually have the strength to exercise. I have been pretty zapped the past few months.

photo credit: "A Cafe," artist: Zach Taylor

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