Monday, December 11, 2006

Cuz A Mississippi Girl Don't Change Her Ways ...

So last week I got all busy and just couldn't get my blog on. Howevz, I'm back! Back with a newly-found zest.

I have a cousin who is a soulmate, mentor, and general life guide. She accepts my crazy and is not scared to challenge it, and as such a visit with her is always cathartic.

She is the reason I moved from Alabama to Little Rock - she offered me a job and it really did change my life! - and leaving her in Arkansas was VERY hard on me.

Fortunately it didn't last too long as she herself moved to Holly Springs, Mississippi, just a few months later. For those of you who don't know, Holly Springs is about 30 minutes from Memphis, down Highway 78. I have no idea why it's there but I do know it's a very cute, quaint little town.

And I know this because this weekend I drove over for a visit at the new property and under-construction barn, and spent the night and "absorbed" my dear cousin! It was great to know I'm just a 2:45 drive (closer even than going home to the coast), as I envision frequent interaction as "we" build out her farm.

It did me a lot of good to physically go to her home, mostly because I now know where to go when I need to have a breakdown, or just when I need to letdown.

She fed me a good ol' breakfast yesterday morning and sent me on my way, and I have been Happy Happy Happy ever since! I don't feel as alone as I was feeling there for a while, and I have a great sense of peace about the fact that we've turned the page at the same point and are both actively writing new chapters that will always intertwine.

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